What the F is a favicon

What is a Favicon & why you should care

I know I promised not to use jargon, but that little fella up on your browser tab is called a favicon. It’s an image that represents a website in web browsers. Basically a mini logo that you see all the time without really noticing.

What is a favicon?

You know what? Favicon are really useful

When you’ve a ton of tabs open on your browser and you’re trying to find Gmail to send an email to your customer … you don’t want to click through 50 tabs to find it. You know straight away where it is because of that super cool dude – the favicon!

Favicon appear everywhere:

  • At the top of your browser window
  • Browser history
  • Mobile search results
  • Bookmark bars
  • Chrome, Edge…. basically most browser home pages

Why do you need a favicon?

Visitors to your website will remember and recognise it, they will find a tab with your favicon among other tabs faster, scanning and not loosing time. Favicons also add to overall branding consistency and not having one can be seen as unprofessional.

It’s now easier than ever to add a favicon to your website. And needed more than ever too, as everyone and their dog are online.

All my clients get a favicon as standard from me for their website. To me it’s an essential part of a website build.
If you need some help with yours, or you don’t know where to start, contact me, I’m happy to give advice and assistance.

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