Website Re-Design Breakdown for 2021

Having a fresh start is always great!

The Mongolia Paragliding Club have decided to move forward with a new look for their website and booking portal. A full re-brand and exciting new booking functionality is now on the cards.

Watch this space to see the transformation happen. And it really does need a transformation doesn’t it?!?

Old Paragliding Club website responsive versions on desktop, laptop tablet and mobile.

How I approach a re-design

Review the current website

I look at what works, what doesn’t work, and what opportunities there are to make easy wins. Straight away I can see this website look amateur (making the sport club look unprofessional!) – purely because the circular logo doesn’t fit with the design, and the social icons are all different colours. The Call To Action button is pink, which doesn’t match the design, and on mobile, the social icons are even more prominent than the menu.

Some things that are working in the sport clubs favour are the headline – it’s super clear and short – “Learn to fly” – with a nice big head picture of a paraglider. It’s very clear what the club is doing. Too bad the picture is cut off in the mobile version though!

Assess the market and competition

This is where I look more in depth at who the sport club is selling too – their target market. I’m thinking about age, location, likes, dislikes, buying preferences, what device and browser type they use etc etc.

I’ll look at the competition, and together with the club we decide what their competition is doing well, and what they are doing not so well. For the Paragliding club, they don’t have any direct local competition, so we’ll look at Korean clubs. In fact, there a re no other websites in Mongolia offering activity booking for the local market with time-slot availability – so it’s an exciting first – on a shoe string budget!


Now comes the fun part. As all the content is there in the old website, it’s just a matter of laying it out in a way that makes sense to a person visiting the website for the first time. All while looking good, and working seamlessly. Planning the visitor journey on a website usually takes lots of sticky notes, scribbling and big arrows. You’ve seen the pictures right?

Once the text and main graphics are all set in place and lead the visitor on an easy journey to book – I can start adding in the pretty parts. You know, the colour and buttons and the shiny bits that make it look like a modern website.

The Paragliding club will get regular updates from me, and they can give me feedback during the design to let me know if they love it – or hate it. And we change things accordingly.

Put it on the interwebs

Phew, the hard parts over! For the Paragliding Club anyway. Now my job will really start as this is when I transfer the design and functionality to a living, breathing website beast. Many late nights, thousands of cups of tea and a few too many chocolate bars later, then website will be ready to launch. After a final audit by your truly, and one final green light from the sports club, the website will live and accepting bookings!

There you go, that’s how I approach a website re-design.

Check in later to see how the Paragliding Club website transforms.

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