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Things you need to know – Industry and Spring Rain Design Updates

Security announcement

Important! GoDaddy Password Breach

This is an important announcement for anyone with GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting (or any GoDaddy account, just to be safe). Your password may have been compromised Your password may have been exposed to a hacker. It is essential you take…

Cyber security month

October is Cyber Security Month

Yes… it’s a made up observation, but it’s so so relevant and needed these days. Here is a great podcast from The Daily Charge at CNET with guest speaker Bree Fowler. If you don’t have time to listen to the…

SiteGround Logo

Do you use SiteGround?

Shared Hosting Update Announcement Good morning internet world! For those of you using shared hosting on SiteGround as your hosting provider, there is a pretty cool update that you need to be aware of. If you look after your own…

WordPress Logo

WordPress 5.8.1

WordPress 5.8.1 is now available! If you are not on one of my maintenance packages, then update to the latest version of WordPress as soon as possible. Keeping your version of WordPress and your plugins up to date helps prevent…

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