Stuck in “maintenance mode”?

Good morning world!

A few people have asked me what to do when their WordPress website gets “stuck in maintenance mode”. When you’re new to all this website stuff this can seem like the end of the world. You’re website is broken, you can’t get to your WordPress dashboard. You’ve got potential clients searching RIGHT NOW for your website, and it’s not there! Big panic!!

What to do when your website is stuck in maintenance mode

Stop – you’ve got this. It’s not a big problem. Watch my 2 minute video that shows you how to fix the stuck in maintenance mode error.

You will need access to your server files either via FTP or CPanel, or File Manager with your web hosting provider.

For those who prefer to read … text is below.

Follow these simple steps

Step 1 – Don’t panic

Step 2 – Login to your webhosting (in this example we are using SiteGround).

Step 3 – Navigate to your Websites section on the top menu of your SiteGround page.

Step 4 – Find the website that is stuck in maintenance mode from the list, and click on “Site Tools”.

Step 5 – Use the menu on the left, and select SITE, and then File Manager.

Step 6 – In the File Manager, open the folder “public_html”, or the folder where you WordPress files live.

Step 7 – You should see a file called “.maintenance”. Delete this file.

Step 8 – Visit your website and check that it is now working. Congratulations! All fixed.

Don’t forget to log out of your SiteGround account.

Hopefully that worked for you! If you still have any problems, send me a message, don’t be shy, I’m here to help.

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