Website Maintenance

website care package

I take the stress & worry out of owning a website

You have enough on your business plate without having to worry about what's going on behind the scenes. Focus on your next exciting project and let me keep an eye on pesky malware.
My website care package takes away the stress and worry of owning a website. My monthly maintenance procedure is essential for keeping your conversion system water-tight, and your potential clients and donors happy.

Your Website Care Package

from £40 per month

For consistent peace of mind, it’s a small price to pay. 

Each maintenance package will be customized and quoted accordingly. 

Who is it for?

All website owners.

What is included:

I make weekly backups of your website to make sure that it will always be there when your customers need to find you online. 

A quick weekly check to ensure your website is working as it should. I will scan for spam, malware and handle any issues that might arise. 

Updates to the software are made swiftly to ensure no disruption to your customers. Sometimes updating the software can cause a website to break. I will quickly fix any problems caused by updates.

This includes 1 hour of work per month for any minor changes you may want to make. For those with active marketing campaigns this is essential for adding in APIs and linking to your newest campaign. 

Some busy business owners may want to free up time by delegating posting news and updates to their website. I can handle this for an additional monthly fee.

Graphic of a woman sitting at a table doing design work on a computer


Fresh design, mobile responsive and customised to match your personality.
I make websites that will grow with your organisation.

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Draw in the leads and ensure your content is being seen. Give your business a solid base to make the conversions you need.

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Take the stress and worry of owning a website and turn it into creative energy. Let me handle the technical bits. You work on the magic for your customers.