October is Cyber Security Month

Yes… it’s a made up observation, but it’s so so relevant and needed these days.

Here is a great podcast from The Daily Charge at CNET with guest speaker Bree Fowler.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, here is Bree’s great advice rolled up into an easy to understand summery.

Cyber Security: Need to Know

Some of the things they discuss in the podcast include strong passwords, 2FA (2 factor authentication) – which I personally hate, but I use it anyway – and avoiding social media as a universal login.

I know, I know, so boring right?! But imagine getting hacked. Even if you don’t have secure info on your website – well actually – if you’re collecting emails – you do! Big problem!

Let’s prevent a massive headache before it gets to that stage, and follow some really easy methods to stay secure.

Use Strong Passwords

If your head is so full of passwords that one more will make it go KABOOOOM! – get a password manager, like NordPass or LastPass. These days I’d be lost without mine.

Don’t reuse passwords

I’m guilty of this. I’ve made a conscious effort recently to go in and change those naughty repeated passwords. And I save everything in my password manager. I feel like I have so much more room in my head without those passwords taking up space.

Use 2FA (2 factor authentication)

This is where you get a message to your phone and write in the code it sends you, or use an Authenticator like Google Authenticator. Personally I hate 2FA, but I use it anyway. All my website login accounts have 2FA – I’ll not put a client at risk because I want to be lazy.

Don’t use your social media accounts as a universal login

I know, I know, it’s sooooo easy. But all those logins are leaving data and trails and who knows where it’s going. Get a password manager and life will become so much easier.

I will be making a short YouTube video soon to make this all a little easier to follow, with some tips and tricks to make it much faster and easier to follow the advice of the security experts.

Until then, enjoy the podcast, and I’ll see you soon!

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