Frequently Asked Questions

No question is too small – and no question is a silly one. If you can’t find your answer below, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

How long does it take?

Website Review

My website review takes 2 working days from payment to a possible zoom call time. You can pick your zoom call date when booking. 

Website Level Up

Between 2-4 weeks. This depends on all content and feedback being delivered to me in a timely manner.

Website Strategy, Design & Build

Usually between 4-6 weeks, depending on the size or complexity of your website. This depends on all content and feedback being delivered to me in a timely manner.

Who will I communicate with during the project?

Only me! I will always be your point of contact. I work on one main website build project at a time, so I am all yours during our project. I have office hours from 6am to 11 am GMT on weekdays (you can check my current hours on the Work With Me page)

I don’t have a website, can I still work with you?

Yes! This is a super exciting time for you, and you’ll find the most value in my Strategy, Design and Build Package. This will be so much fun. Let’s build something amazing together. 

Can you make my current website better?

My website review will help to make your website look better by giving you a number of actionable steps to take yourself. 

I don’t offer to go into your website and make the changes – as this would be very pricey for you, and time consuming for me. If there are extensive changes to make, it often works out less expensive in both your time and money to get a fresh website using your current images and copy (that’s the text on your website). Check out my Website Level-Up Package, designed exactly for this situation.

Can you host my website?

Yes! I provide top quality managed WordPress Hosting as part of my Website Care. You can learn about the benefits of managed WordPress hosting on my WordPress Care page

Can I use my current hosting?

Yes, you can use your current hosting, after your 2 month free hosting on my Managed WordPress Hosting has finished. I will move your website to your own hosting free of charge should you wish to.

Why do I initially use my website hosting?

Because it’s secure, fast and safe. I know I’m providing you with the best possible service – and nothing is out of my control. I can be confident the server where your website lives is top-notch, and while in my hands – nothing will go wrong. It also provides the best testing grounds for my quality checks to ensure your website is good for the long run. 

Can you write my website copy?

No I can’t, I’m afraid! I am not a professional copywriter (yet). I can refer you to a professional copywriter.

Or you can opt into my Copy Writing Hand Holding add-on, where I lead you through the process to write your own engaging copy. I can also proofread and make suggestions in my Copy Rewrite add-on for the Website Level-Up.

What happens after my website goes live?

You get 2 months free maintenance from me – meaning I will keep your website running smoothly and fix any errors that might crop-up. After that it’s up to you. Not to worry – I provide you with live online training on how to care for your website, and give you access to my training videos.

If you like having a worry free website, you can opt-in to continue with my maintenance. This means you also get priority when you want to make changes, or additions to your website. No waiting in line for a spot to open up in my schedule. 

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