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Shared Hosting Update Announcement

Good morning internet world!

For those of you using shared hosting on SiteGround as your hosting provider, there is a pretty cool update that you need to be aware of. If you look after your own domain name ( for example) – you need to make some changes soon.

  • If you are on my Maintenance Package, you don’t need to worry about this at all. I will make any necessary changes for you.
  • If you’re totally confused by this, and worried that it might have implications for your website – reach out to me – and I’ll help you get it all sorted.

Below is the message from the SiteGround Team:

We have recently completely reworked our DNS service, and have already deployed our new Centralized DNS setup to the majority of our cloud servers. Now is the time to start deploying this service to our shared servers too, so that they can also benefit from the faster domain resolving, enhanced protection against DDoS, improved resilience and redundancy of the service, and easier management of multiple domains.

When will the move to the new DNS take place?

The process of launching the new DNS service on our shared hosting servers will begin on September 23, 2021. We plan to start with smaller batches of servers and to gradually increase the pace, so that all shared servers are moved to the new service within the next few weeks.

What should you do after the migration?

For each of your sites, hosted on a shared hosting server we will additionally inform you when the transfer to the new DNS service is completed. In this post-migration email you will be provided with the new DNS information that you need to update, if you manage your domain name(s) on your own. For domain names, registered through SiteGround you do NOT need to do anything, as we will automatically update their DNS information with the new one.
Best Regards,
The SiteGround Team

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