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Important! GoDaddy Password Breach

Security announcement

This is an important announcement for anyone with GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting (or any GoDaddy account, just to be safe). Your password may have been compromised Your password may have been exposed to a hacker. It is essential you take…


What the F is a favicon

What is a favicon?

What is a Favicon & why you should care I know I promised not to use jargon, but that little fella up on your browser tab is called a favicon. It’s an image that represents a website in web browsers.…


All About Anna

Picture of Anna with speech - "Hello!"

Who is this geeky chick anyway? That’s a good questions, and it’d be a very complicated tale with many twists and turns to fill you in on the whole picture of who I am. So to keep it simple here…


Do you use SiteGround?

SiteGround Logo

Shared Hosting Update Announcement Good morning internet world! For those of you using shared hosting on SiteGround as your hosting provider, there is a pretty cool update that you need to be aware of. If you look after your own…


Fun design for pet lovers

pet care website viewed on a laptop

A fun but simply beautiful design for a pet care of dog activity venture. Group dog walks, trail running, canicross and canine hoopers will all look great using this website design. This responsive (mobile friendly) website will be a breeze…