All About Anna

Who is this geeky chick anyway?

That’s a good questions, and it’d be a very complicated tale with many twists and turns to fill you in on the whole picture of who I am. So to keep it simple here is the short version:

I’m a web developer with a wealth of experience gained from running family owned hospitality businesses. I get my flair for design from my degree in Contemporary Art, and my insider knowledge of the hospitality industry from from years of working with tour companies, activity providers, hotels and boutique accommodation providers. In past lives I have been a tour guide, a host, a travel specialist, a tour designer. I have worked with 5 star hoteliers, Michelin star restaurant owners, world class tour operators and have learned the secrets to success.

Why Websites?

“Ah ha! Then why are you a web developer and not a hospitality business owner?” I hear you say. Because design, systems and code are my passion. Taking your chaos and turning it into something beautiful is what I live for. I love that I can use my skills to perform miracles for family run businesses that deserve to have a chance to compete with the big boys.

All about Anna Infographic

From the UK. Heart in Mongolia

Yes, you read that right. Mongolia. Outer Mongolia. Since 2011 I’ve been based on and off in Monglia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. Barely surviving -30 Celsius winters and living it up in the warm summers. In 2019, I moved back completely to the UK with my family. But fate (and COVID) intervened, and in order to stay together as a family, I made the epic and difficult decision to send my family back to Mongolia.

I now live half in Mongolia with my husband (a paragliding pilot who hardly ever has his feet on the ground), my cheeky son (loves drawing and eating ramen), and our rescue dog Bella (loves cake and afternoon naps), and half in the UK.

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